Friday, March 5, 2010

The word needs to get out

Attention residents of Columbia!

Sometime within the last three weeks or so, two homes were broken into in broad daylight in my area.

Within this week, dozens of cars throughout our great town have been broken into.

So, I did I find out about the burglaries? Well, a neighbor told me about one of the robberies because it was on my block. Got confirmation of it and last week when the police and emergency people were on my block, I was told more information.

Apparently one Saturday afternoon, not too long ago, maybe three weeks now, one of the homes near where I live was broken into and a substantial amount of money was apparently taken. Didn’t sound like there was much taken in the other robbery.

This week, at least since Tuesday or Wednesday, hearing reports and postings about a number of vehicle break-ins throughout the town.

So what gives?

I know we don’t have a community newspaper any longer and that hurts. But we do have other publications and television stations and even this space, which apparently by my counter is averaging 70 plus hits a day, that will be more than willing to alert the community.

Just how bad is the problem? Is just one area of the community being targeted? Are there any suspects? Do police have any leads? Why are people going around town vandalizing cars?

These are all of the questions residents would like to have answered.

So what gives? Why hasn’t the Columbia Police Department sent the information out to alert residents? Heck, take it one step farther when was the last time anyone has seen police information in any newspaper?

There appears to be a serious problem right now in Columbia and the leadership of our town needs to respond and start getting the news out there.

Sure, you can call the police department and they will gladly take a report, but, unless the leadership of our town starts getting the word out, this problem will get worse and worse and who knows what the end result will be.

Perhaps if everyone affected by this shows up at Monday’s borough council meetings and seeks answers, the information will get out. But I’ve had this thought for sometime that some in Columbia Borough are extremely happy that there is no newspaper and they only get coverage once a month.

But with what’s going on now in terms of the car break-ins and daylight robberies, the borough needs to get the word out.

So for now, Columbia residents, please lock you cars and houses, but even that won’t prevent a break-in, because if someone wants something, they will figure a way to get what they want. And that my friends is extremely sad!

The Current debuts

Kathy Hohenadel, the executive director of the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce, has authored the Current, a fee publication produced by the chamber.
The Current will be distributed bi-weekly every other Friday at local dining establishments.
The goal of the Current is to keep the community informed of Chamber events that impact community life.
For more information, call the chamber at 684-5249.

Thursday scores

Here are the Disrict 3 playoff scores
Boys 4-A
Third Place: Wilson 59, York 57
Fifth Place: Red Land 67, Warwick 50
Seventh Place and state berth: Penn Manor 64, Daniel Boone 54

Boys 3-A
Championship: Eastern 55, Lancaster Catholic 53
More information on this game can be obtained at,, and
Third Place: Steel-High 72, East Pennsboro 64
Fifth Place: Susquehanna Township 64, York Suburban 29

Boys 1-A
Third Place: Lebanon Catholic 56, Millersburg 54

Girls 4-A
Third Place: Reading 42, Mechanicsburg 41
Fifth Place: CD East 40, Red Lion 38
Seventh Place and state berth: Hershey 35, Mifflin 33

Girls 3-A
Fifth Place: Daniel Boone 43, Manheim Central 27

Girls 2-A
Championship: York Catholic 38, Lancaster Mennonite 30
For more on this game see above links
Consolation: Delone Catholic 64, Wyomissing 37

Girls 1-A
Championship: Steel-High 62, Greenwood 34
Consolation: Camp Hill 68, Bible Baptist 28

Prediction results:  13-2