Thursday, October 28, 2010

Major accident this morning

Six different vehicles were involved in what police are calling two separate accidents this morning on Route 30 eastbound at Prospect Road at 6:33 a.m.
West Hempfield Township Police said the first accident happened when a vehicle operated by Molly Albright, 26, of Columbia, failed to see slow and stopping traffic because of congestion. Albright struck a vehicle operated by Lynn Johnson, 64, of Colmbia, which then struck a vehicle operated by Kenneth Luckenbill, 44, also of Columbia.
In the second accident, a cattle trailer operated by Glenn Binkley, 55, of Columbia, did not see the other accident and attempted to merge onto Route 30, striking a vehicle operated by Steven Cliff, 31, of Columbia and pushed it onto the berm of the road. Binkley then struck a vehicle operated by Douglas Stevens of Washington Boro and then struck Albright's vehicle.
Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the accident to call them at 285-5191.
Traffic eastbound was shut down for about two hours, police said.

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Six vehicle crash

There was a six-car accident this morning: