Monday, July 26, 2010

River Park info

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A positive story for Columbia

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Monday musings

So, just what exactly are the future plans for the River Park?

What's in Phase II? Phase III? How far along are the plans? Where is the money coming from?

Well today in town, a local businessman, who could benefit from the park’s expansion was running at the mouth, so to speak, about the future park and how is “ramping” up for the future.

This person was spouting off there are plans for an amphitheater, kiosks selling bait, coffee, food, etc.

I had heard this when plans for the park were first revealed, but since Phase I of the project isn’t completely done, how far along is Phase II and III?

The way this person was talking, he’s all but been guaranteed space for his business at the park and it seems the park has become the focus of this town.

But where is the money coming from? Grants? Loans or private financing?

This is something to keep an eye on, especially in light of the cottage owners, who are aware of borough plans to possibly take over the area.


I have written a lot and there have been plenty of comments about three huge issues in our town – borough council, code enforcement and police. Over the last few days, I’ve gotten a chance to speak with a member of the council and some officers.

First council, not all of the seven member governing body likes how meetings are run and what is being spent and other issues. But this council member I spoke with, wants to see changes and understands there has to be changes, but this person is in the minority, when it comes to being able to make those changes.

I’m just throwing this out there, if Columbia Borough has some council members who aren’t doing the job or employees, who aren’t performing up to par, why are they still there.

Also, last week when I posted the picture on road construction being done by the highway department in our town, I asked how many streets have been done this summer. The answer was there is a plan to do a number of streets, but the cost of asphalt is high right now, which might limit the number of streets.

So, not all of council is in agreement about how things are being run, but until others get on the bandwagon, changes might be tough.

As for code enforcement issues, I know the “powers to be” are checking this site for the latest problem areas. All well and good, but unless the four people now working in the code enforcement area get out of the office, drive/walk the community, there will be no changes. With the new employees, let’s wait and see if there is any difference. Until then, keep calling and posting the problem areas until there are results.

The same goes for police. Apparently the drug trade is or has been heating up in our town. Police can’t react to anything if you don’t call them. We were sharing with them a couple of recent stories and they want to know of the problems so they can react to them. The guys on the street want to make this town better and if they are not, it’s not because they aren’t trying, it’s because people aren’t calling or they are being held up by the “higher ups” in the borough.


Finally today, I can remember when each summer when the yellow curbs were painted and the white lines on the streets and cross walks were painted as well. I know this is something minor, but it would go a long way toward cleaning up our town.

THE groundbreaking is Wednesday

There will be a groundbreaking at 10 a.m., Wednesday, July 28 for the Turkey Hill Experience at Third and Linden streets.