Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fire cause is announced

The cause of Sunday's fire in Wrightsville has been released.

Here comes the Experience!

Fianlly after decades of trying to sell the property and numerous delays in the settlement process, Columbia Borough has finally unloaded the Third and Linden street property. This morning at an attorney's office in Lancaster, all parties involved -- the borough, Columbia Economic Development Corporation, Musuem Partners and Susquehanna Bank signed off on the settlement. Next up, construction of the Turkey Hill Experience, a project that is long overdue.

More of is this we want in our town?

The Scoop Mobile "mobile newsroom" was out and about today taking pictures of various problem areas. Also had a big discussion about other areas of town, who need to be visited by Code Enforcement. The suggestion was to print the phone number of the Code Enforcement Office here (684-2467, ext. 215) and contact them with complaints and continue to contact them until something is done or go to borough council after a couple of calls. One of the big problems, which is all over town, are weeds growing up through curbs and sidewalks and how unsightly it is. This picture is from downtown, where it is particularly bad in some areas. It doesn't look nicewith the car show and craft show coming up, which will bring thousands of people to our town. The other picture is of another downtown property where someone forgot to remove their beer bottle and 12-pack on Locust Streeet. The third picture is one in the eastern end of town, where the grass hasn't been mowed in a number of weeks and is more thn three foot tall. Also received word of a property near Front Street that has black mold growing in the basement and the landlord isn;t doing anything. If you know of problem areas, problem properties, let the "mobile newsroom" know or send us a picture and we will post it in an attempt to clean up our town.

Landmark for sale

Just noticed this on a trip downtown today -- a Columbia landmark, which has a long tradition, the Hotel Locust, once known as the Hotel Columbia, is for sale. The Locust has been closed for more than a year, if not longer.

Arrests made in township

West Hempfield Township Police have made arrests in a number of vehicle break-ins. Here is the link:

Columbia's most wanted list is updated

The Columbia Police Department and Officer Austin Miller has updated its Most Wanted List.!/pages/Columbia-PA/Columbia-Borough-Police/106423482721568?ref=ts&ajaxpipe=1&__a=15