Friday, June 17, 2011

Pot charge on 30

West Hempfield Township police charged two:

I spoke and will continue

This is mild compared to some areas in town.
As many of you know I am on the Democratic ballot for a four-year term on borough council. I figure after more than 25 years of covering meetings and getting around town, I could continue to help our town prosper in another way.
I've seen a lot at the hundreds of meetings I've covered not only here in Columbia, but others areas as well. While over the next few months, I will tell you what I am about, post some ideas, disagree with things, I will work hard for ALL 10,000-PLUS residents of our town. If its not good for all people, I will vote against it.
So with that in mind, I addressed our current council on a number of issues on Monday night. Please don't be afraid to contact me or talk with me about your concerns for Columbia and its future.
My questions to the council on Monday were:
* The lack of a deadline for the job application for Columbia's vacant police chief position.
Was told, it was open ended so that council cold find the best person and also i n case there any changes in terms of a much talked about regionalization.
* Why Columbia has no full time officer on the Lancaster County Drug Task Force.
Was told the full time officer is back with the Columbia department and will work part-time with the DTF and a second officer will be added on a part-time basis as well.
* Weeds and grass growing out of the sidewalks and streets all over town (pictured).
Was told that notices were placed on sewer bills about it and if weeds were higher than six inches, the borough would take action.
* Out of town landlords buying up single family dwellings in Columbia and possibly turning them into apartment and rental units.I said something needs to be done because of the affect it is having on the borough but school district as well.
Councilmen Jim Smith also spoke about the issue.
The problem will be discussed later this month at various committee meetings.
* The possibility of having an emergency drill in light of the recent weather conditions.
* Why the speed limit goes from 25 to 15 on Barber Street.
Was told this was the late4st in speed enforcement in the area.
* When the street trees and lights will be replaced downtown.
Was told possibly in October. This week will mark the third year there were no trees for the car show and craft show.
* The lack of people doing construction around town without building permits.
Was told to call if I see this.
* A coordinated effort to get people to go from the Turkey Hill Experience to downtown and vice versa.
Was told this needs to be put on the front burner.
Again, I want to represent our town and promise to work hard if I get the chance.

No more

During Columbia's Memorial Day Parade, an Elizabethtown man was charged by police for going around a police barricade and had to be stopped at Fifth and Locust streets by police with their guns drawn.
At Monday's borough council meeting, Mayor Leo Lutx said he instructed police and others, this will no longer be tolerated.
"There will be no tolerance from here on out. Get a pen, pencil and a piece of paper and write the number down. This has gone on far too long," Lutz said.
"It's time to pay the freight," the mayor said.
In this picture, this is a car that went through the parade at Ninth and Manor streets, despite discouragement from those watching the parade at the time.

Weekend of events

In addition to the Cruisin' Columbia Car Show, which will close the downtown streets, there is plenty of other activities in the Columbia area.
At the same as the Car Show, the Susquehanna Vallwey Chamber of Commerce will hold a Marketplace event at the Boys and Girls Club building.
Columbia will also hold Juneteenth, starting at 8:30 a.m. from the Mount Zion AME Church on South Ffifth Street.
At 8 p.m., the Columbia Ministerium will hold a Night Watch, beginning from the Visions Church at Fourth and Mill streets.
The group will walk various areas of the town to talk with and meet with residents in troubled areas.
St. John's Herr Estate located at 200 Luther Lane, Columbia, will be abuzz with activity during the second annual Red, White, and Blueberry Jamboree  from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The public is invited to attend all the events.

Lines repainted

Columbia Borough Highway Department workers were busy earlier this week, repainting lines on the north side of Locust Street. Thee lines were repainted to assist parking issues.

Just a reminder

No parking signs are up to remind residents about the car show tomorrow. Weather looks great.

Condemned house in bad shape

I've passed this house a number of times and it always bothers me. Its a condemned house the 900 bloxk of Barber Street, badly in need of repair with a piece of spouting hanging down and the porch onits way to the ground. What struck me today, after speaking at Monday's council meeting about weed problems in the borough, was the condition of thr backyard.  Kind of surprised some of the neighbors haven't called the borough to complain.