Monday, June 14, 2010

I had a plan, but....

I was so excited today, going to get a chance to blog live on COLUMBIA TALK from tonight's meeting of Columbia Borough Council.
Had it all set up and it was working. What I didn't expect were computer issues. For some reason, I was unable to do automatic updates and about halfway through the two hour or so meeting, I gave up.
When I got home, the problems still existed and after doing all the normal, easy repairs, still had problems.
So I called Comcast and after getting placed on hold for a long amount of time and after pressing the ones and twos, I was guided to a person.
Well, more headaches. The person on the other end was having trouble solving my issue. Thet threw their hands up and gave me another number to call. Well, long story short, as I was closing things out, preparing to make the second call and probably having to press the 1s and 2s, whatever Comcast did worked and I was back on line.
Although the meeting last a little more than two hours, there weren't a lot of issues. Some of those I thought were going to speak, were no shows. The cabin owners from along the Susquehanna were present and I think wanted to speak, but didn't understand the protocal.
One issue that I will focus on, which tied up the meeting and took several votes to decide the outcome was the purchase of new two vehicles for the police department. Only two citizens spoke and it got briefly hot during the one.
I will have more on the council meeting Tuesday. I will say and not to toot my own horn, but the daily paper did have someone attend the meeting. As always happens, this person showed up late and left after being there for less than an hour. So, to boast a little, COLUMBIA TALK, most likely will be the only placce where you can read all about Monday's meeting.

Didn't work out as planned

Need to apoloize to everyone. Had issues with the computer and ended up after about 45 minutes clearing it up with Comcast. Will be posting something from meeting tonight yet or tomorrow morning. Meeeting went a little more than 2 hours. Discussion on new police vehicles was the highlight. Just 2 citizens spoke, one from 7:08 and until all his questions were answered it was 7:45. Police car discussion took at least 30 minutes. Boys in blue, ya getting two expeditions.
Meeting is almost over. Big issue is purchase of police cars. Debate was more than 30 minutes.
Things not going well with computer its updating. Sorry.

More information on car found in river

More information on the car that was pulled from the Susquehanna is here.

Borough Council meeting live

If this works, here is the link to tonight's borough council meeting. Hope to be set up by 6:45 p.m.