Friday, October 8, 2010

It's not the end of the world!

I haven't posted anything since Wednesday.
There are a couple of reasons. One, when I got home from Wednesday's council interview meeting, I got caught up in the Doctober celebration dealing with Roy Halladay's no-hitter. Thursday was a long day. I had to go to a funeral of a friend/relative's mother and on my way around town trying to come home, I got stopped quite a few times asking me about Wednesday's meeting, then had to go to a junior high football game, which Columbia won in the last minute over Elco.
When I got home, there were some more phone calls, etc. and other stuff.
Friday, I had to call a couple of friends to check on them or just say "hi," then it was off to Northern Lebanon for a football game.
Here are my thoughts on Wednesday's meeting. I enjoyed speaking and listening to the other two candidates -- Carmen Swinehart and James Smith.
I do think I have a lot to offer the borough and hope to get the opportunity to serve. But it is not a life and death situation for me. The sun will come up tomorrow and I'll put my leg on tomorrow just like I have each day. It would be nice and a great honor to serve the 10,300 residents. What I do not like is the back door issues that myself and two other candidates have been subject too. If it is that important, why not run for election previously or not wait until the last day to put your name in?
Someone asked me either yesterday or today why I didn't use this space to promote my beliefs. That's not the way I wanted to do it. Maybe, I should have, but I didn't. My bad!

Columbia is a town of 10,300 people, not one million.We are a small town, not Philly, New York or Chicago where this type back door politics is common place. My agenda is simple -- do what is best for the town  -- not one person, one group or a business. Yes, I have some ideas, but they in the best interests of our town. And in due time, people will find out what they are whether it be while I am a proud member of Columbia Borough Council, or, just posting the thoughts on here.