Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What happened to the Shack?

The Shack, which used to be in the vacant lot has been closed for several weeks and was moved off the property yesterday in the 600 block of South Ninth Street at a friend's house.
It's for sale as the owner is asking about $6,000 for it and the contents. Talked with the owner tonight when I was sitting out front getting some fresh air. He was showing it to a possible interested buyer.
The owner said he has a flooring business wanted to do this on the side and his original idea was to tow it from weekend events to make some extra bucks, but decided to rent the space from the landlord, who lives in York County.
He said it just wasn't working as he thought and he had no problems with Columbia Borough other than they wanted him to put an aluminum hood on the structure. The rent and insurance issues were major factors, plus not much business.
Got to give the guy major props for trying in a bad economy.

New sign on Route 462

Saw this yesterday coming home from the hill. It's a speed sign on Route 462 East in front of Royer's Flowers.  The sign reflects the speed of the vehicles passing the sign.