Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday's thoughts

Was in town for quite a while today, with plenty of discussion. Here are some thoughts?

* The legal ad that Columbia Borough ran in yesterday's Lancaster Newspapers concerning a special meting Wednesday, July 21 at 6:30 p.m. concerning improvements to the wastewater treatment facility and a possible 60 percent increase in sewer bills has a number of people talking.
To voice your concern, attend the meeting.

* Also discussion on Borough Manager Norm Meiskey's comments concerning how to speak at a council meeting. Apparently, the borough manager was right and also wrong. For those needing visual aids to speak to the council such as a projectorm video screen, etc., residents must call the borough office so they can prepare the needed equipment. But, unlike what the borough manager said that you don;t need to call ahead to be placed on the agenda ahead of time to speak, residents can still do that. Just wasn't explained that way.

* The new docks at River Park, which were installed today look nice. But I don't want to rub anyone wrong but Monday night, council approved a request from the Ashley Tabernacle Church of God in Christ to hold their annual baptism at the park, but only use the canoe and kayak areas and stay to stay off the grass.
Okay I can see the grass request, because its all new grass, but since the baptism brings a number of people to the event are the canoe and kayak areas big enough? Also, is the request to use the canoe and kayak areas because of an up roar two years ago or so when peopke complained they couldn't get their boats in or off the water because this group was there?

* Not to use the discrimination word, but since I am getting around town more and I won't accept any smart remarks about this, because I am not the only one who sees this, because they travel the same areas. So here goes and if anyone feels slighted by this, too bad because for people with disabilities and those walking with canes, etc. it is a safety issue. But, there are a large number of curbs that aren't ADA accessible and some that are, the drop off isn't easy to drop down off of (for the lack of a better term).
I noticed this before when I was using a walking getting around town, but have noticed it more with the use of the scooter.
And as for some of the sidewalks in this town, well, that's another story.

* Was at the market today around the lunch hour, not a bad crowd, not a big crowd, but the back end of the market was bare. Good luck ot new Market Manager Brian Long in getting this facility backto were it shouild be.

* And saw some strange faces,  no not the usual suspects, but out of town people. The National Watch and Clock Association is holding its national convention in York and a number of people are visiting the local museum and taking time to venture into downtown Columbia.

Docks installed at the River Park

Borough highway workers were busy this morning at River Park installing two docks and more signage.