Friday, June 18, 2010

A rumor to throw out there

Checking on something I heard last night and today that I find out a little incredible, so I will throw it out there. The "little something" I heard today was the building pictured above, the former Sprint building, will become a Farmer's Market. It's not to replace the current market, but apparently to operate on the same days as the current market.

Friday's thoughts

Here are some "sweeping" Friday thoughts for today.

* Early this morning, I received a text about street sweeping in Columbia and how it apparently isn't running its normal run, except for the downtown area.
Here's what I know. In trying to restructure financial concerns, cut down on the wear and tear on the sweeper, borough council had discussed changes in the way the sweeper is used. The plan was to continue to sweep downtown (Locust Street and side streets) every day and the remainder of the town, perhaps once or twice a month.
I am not sure that was ever adopted by borough council, or, if it was, never really announced.
So, here are some thoughts...
Since this might be the new schedule and it might sound like the borough is trying to hide the change, yes they are and no they are not. Here's why. Look at the signs that are erected on the light poles, etc. Some may say street sweeping but more likely they say "street maintenance."
So, technically they can give those who don't move their vehicle according to the signs, they can still ticket.
I know it is a "low blow" and hopefully this will never happen. What I think they are trying to do, from what I've seen in my area,is continue with the schedule that is posted, but alternate weeks, so people really don't know when the sweeper is coming.
Again, is it right? No. But the signs are there. Yes, it would be nice to know what the exact schedule it, but again, the signs say....
 * Earlier this week after the council meeting, I posted about "one of those things they don't want you to know" concerning traffic or meter enforcement.
Well, here is another. Since the first change in parking enforcement earlier this year by the retirement of longtime parking enforcement officer Linda Colin, there have been a lot of tickets written because those downtown had gotten use to Colin's schedule.
Now with the new enforcement, it appears that revenue from the $5 tickets being written has risen by about $1,000 in the downtown.
* I will be posting information  over the weekend concerning last night's Columbia School Board meeting. Just haven't had tie to sit down and review everything.

Friday's Is This What We Want

It's back to the grind with the Friday edition of Is This What We Want. This is the former chip factory at Second and Locust streets. Might have been something else back in the day as well. It's owned by Strube Inc. and I think it was about a year ago or longer, subject to an investigation by the Federal and Stae Government for DEP clean-up issues. It's on the main street and some of the windows are boarded up or falling off. Since this property is probably somewhere, if at all, in the legal system, perhaps nothing could be done with it. Still worth pointing out though.

Here is a question?

This is a picture of the former Keystone Fire Company in the first block of  North Fourth Street.
It is no longer a public building, i.e., fire company. It is a commerical building with the possibility of apartments perhaps in the second floor.
The question is that since this building is no longer a fire company, why haven't the "no parking" signs or yellow paint removed or been taken down, parking meters installed and the street lined for parking spaces?
Just asking!

Hotel and restaurant planned

This is a picture with the zoning notifcation of the "vacant" lot at Fourth and Locust streets, where David Doolittle will again ask the borough'z zoning board for permission to construct a hotel and restaurant on the site. The meeting is at 7 p.m., Wednesday, June 30 at the borough hall.
This is perhaps the second or third different plan he has had for this site, all dealing with a hotel.
Across the street, at the former CAP building, where John deVitry is planning the Timeless Inn, it appears those plans are on hold, or, have gone out the window entirely. Signs are cropping up all over town looking for renters for the apartments in he building, along with possible office space. But then again, out of the two projects, deVitry's is more probable in getting done.

Visitors to town

Saw these folks walking the streets today in Civil War garb. Good thing there was a breeze going and it was smoking hot.

Happy Valley for the weekend

The Columbia football team  left around noon today for two days of 7 on 7 workouts at Penn State University. Once arriving in Happy Valley, the tea was getting a guided tour of the athletic facilities from former CHS star athlete Aaron Anspach.