Saturday, October 30, 2010

A little of this and a little of that

On the blog comments
Yes, I have gone back to anonymous postings. But what I won't post are vicious personal attacks and those with curse words in them. Also, I will not post comments that could be involved in an investigation or a pending investigation. And that includes something I would love to post about things in our town, but will not because I might be called as a witness in an appeal of something that happened downtown.

The parade
For the second straight year, I did not watch the parade with the masses downtown, so I wasn't stressed by the "candy diving" people, which is the direct opposite of dumpster diving or the fact that some people are really ignorant when it comes to certain things such as manners and language.
If there are a couple of improvements that could be made, here are just a few suggestions. One, is to ban those who sell what when I was younger were balloons. It's junk and expensive and those who were walking the streets should be cut off once the parade starts. Also,thanks to Off. Bryan Keyser, who I saw hassling one of the "hawkers," for their permit and acutally looking at what the person was selling.
Two, I'd like to see more bands, but understand that costs money.
Three, there ought to be a way to regulate pets. Where I was, a person had a dog and started barking when the horses passed. Sort of spooked the horses.
Four, I know its some sort of a tradition in our town, trying to be the first person to put a chair or blanket out, but 10-12 hours before the parade is a little much. I know they do it in some communities, Manheim comes to mind, I think has an ordinance as to when chairs, etc. can be placed out for events such as parades.
When I went downtown about mid-afternoon, the sidewalks were just passable because of the high number of chairs/blankets, etc. that lined the streets.
I'm sure they have been thanked enough, but hats off to the Sunsnappers and Lions Club for sponsoring the event, as well as those who chipped in financially. It's a great tradition in town.
Now for two funnies. Early in the morning, on my first trip through town, two of the "savers" were cardboard boxes and a metal trash can lid.  And as the parade was starting, there were a few cars heading east on Manor Street, but were slowed once they saw the parade traffic. One driver, however, just kept heading east, even with the police cars leading the way and the parade coming toward the car. Some people I guess are just plain stupid.

Pay to play
About two weeks ago or so, I posted an article from the PennLive website, concerning school districts asking students pay to be involved in activities such as sports, band and other activities. It drew some comments, good and bad.
One comment, I'd like to address is that what if someone can't afford to pay to play. I don;t think that would eliminate anyone. The athlete/band member/drama person and/or parents could  work it off by volunteering at school, etc. Really don't think anyone would not be permitted to participate.
There was another series of articles I read a week later, which I forgot to post where school districts are asking booster clubs, etc. to step up their contributions to schools. Most of what I read involved schools with one booster club.
If it does come to "pay to play" locally, I hope the fees aren't that high and there is some cut in cost for those involved in multiple groups.
I think cutting activities such as sports, band, art, student council, drama, etc. is important to a student becoming a more well-rounded person.

Our ever changing downtown
I saw the other day, a thrift shop as opened on North Third Street in the former Stauffer's Deli building and I really believe and it should have been done by now, the replacement of street trees and lights, are very much a key to our downtown development. Also, not sure yet if the Black Widow tattoo shop in the 200 block of Locust Street.

Week nine power ratings

The District 3 week nine power ratings have been posted. As reported last week, there are just five teams in the Class A field:

There might be little change after week 10, Holy Name, who is 8-1 and seems to have the top seed wrapped up, plays Central Catholic, formerly an A school in the final game. RCC is 4-5 and is a 3-A school because of their cooperative sponsorship with Oley Valley.
Columbia, despite having (point wise) the toughest Class A schedule, is locked in at fifth.
Two, three and four should be locks as well.
York Catholic, who is second, plays York Suburban, who is 2-7, while the Rollers end the season with Schuylkill Haven, who is 7-2 and Millersburg plays Nativity, who is 2-7.
The official pairings will be released next Sunday.

College update: Tuell part of unbeaten team

Columbia grad Colby Tuell is part of a Kutztown University football team that improved its record to 9-0 tonight with a 45-23 win over West Chester. The Golden Bears, who are having their best season ever entered the game ranked 15th in Division II.
No individual stats for Tuell are yet available.
KU has two regular season games left with Bloomsburg and Gannon.

At Lebanon Valley, Ben Guiles topped the 1,000 yard mark for season rushing an Yahya McIntyre caught his first career touchdown pass as LVC won its fourth straight, 42-38 over Widener.
Guiles was held out of the end zone in the win, bur rushed for 83 yards, giving his 1,033 for the season.
McIntyre did reach the end zone for the first time in his career, a 5-yard pass and also caught a career-high four passes for 26 yards in the win.

At Juniata, Brandon Felus had four total tackles as Juniata lost for the eighth time this season 48-0 to Johns Hopkins.

Schlief honored at F&M

Columbia grad Dale Schlief was inducted into the F&M Hall of Fame this weekend:

Another view

LNP's story on last night's game: