Friday, September 10, 2010

Tide falls to Bobcats as rally falls short

The Columbia football team lost its first game of the 2010 season Friday night, losing on the turf to Northeastern, 32-26.
Greene was the color of the night. Northeastern running back Aaron Greene rushed for 210 yards and four scores.
That was one difference in the game. The other was extra points. Northeastern made four two-point converisons.
Michael Burke IV caught six passes for 159 yards and three scores.
Story on the game will follow.
Columbia falls 32-26
18-8 columbia at half.

Field problems at Eastern

Someone, I think one of the coaches I talked with last week told me something about this:

Thursday/Friday Thoughts

As I get ready for tonight's road trip to York County for Columbia's second game of the season with one of those directional schools, Northeastern, here are some thoughts over the last few days.

There are a couple of weekend events for people to consider. The National Watch and Clock Museum is having a James Bond weekend program and the Columbia No. 1 Fire Department is having a chicken barbecue tomorrow.

In making my way around town this week, here are some things I saw:
* The fountain damaged at the Town Square, which I reported and pictured earlier this week, was repaired by police.
* Also, the Columbia Park Rangers placed flags throughout the downtown in celebration of Labor Day. Unfortunately, one of those flags was severely damaged in the area of Fifth and Locust.
* At Monday's borough council meeting, council will accept the resignation of Anna Gerlitzki and most likely not appoint someone until its October meeting.
* Was at the Market House the last two days. It was a happening place yesterday with at least four new stands, but, not so happening today.
* In my travels, I'm starting to find some unlicensed/uninspected vehicles parked in alleys or covered. I know of several vehicles, which have been in Columbia, for months parked along streets and in alleys, that should draw some attention, with out-of-state licenses, who are now residents.
* Talked with borough officials about the lack of a crossing guard at Ninth and Walnut streets in the afternoon and that will be taken care of.
* Heard some grumblings that permit parking might be considered for Columbia.