Thursday, July 1, 2010

Should there be a concern?

When downtown this morning and speaking to a law enforcement officer, I was informed that a nuisance bar in the 400 block of Locust Street is planning a Hip-Hop/Party next Friday. There is a concern that something could happen and it might be nice to have some extra officers on call to help those working the streets next Friday, but, the extra manpower request might be denied. Perhaps it might be a good idea to put some extra police on the streets, just in case.

Columbia fireworks and carnival are upcoming

Wrightsville's holiday plans

Fireworks set for Wrightsville.

Marietta July 4th information

The Pioneer Fire Company of Marietta will host the town;s July 4th celebration.

Market was active

The nice weather brought out people to the Columbia Market House today as most stands were busy. Also, Brian Long, the new Market Manager, started today and visited some of the stand holders. This is a picture of the time capsule burried in the 1988 Bicentennial in Columbia.

Water is flowing

For more than a week, the water has been flowing in the fountain in the Town Square.

A West Nile Virus possibility

A reader of this site talked to me this morning and asked me to take a picture of the "hole in the ground," "downtown swimming pool" and former site of the Etzweiler Funeral Home and CA Herr Annex. The concern after heavy rains, the water lays in the hole for days and could be or is a breeding ground for the West Nile Virus.

Blue skies and happy trails

The last two days, its been blue skies and happy trails with some nice beautiful weather.

More trash dropped

I saw this little picture this morning on my way in town at the former Movie Man property near the Town Square as someone is now dropping trash on the property. Someone asked me today how I can see these code enforcement issues and those who are getting paid for it don't? Well, here are some answers. I am usually moving about thee miles-an-hour, travel the back streets and alleys, sorry to be politically correct, avenues and look at things. The code officials if they are out driving are moving considerably faster than I am and obviously don't see things. They also need to be out and about also.

Hearing held in shooting

A preliminary hearing was held yesterday for the May shooting in Columbia.