Monday, May 31, 2010

Power lines close Route 30

Weather problems last night, not tonight, stopped traffic on Route 30 leading into Lancaster County.

Is this what we want, part II

 Last week, Columbia Talk, posted a picture of a resident who decided to hang their laundry out to dry on their front porch, while mentioning another location in our town about a sloppy front porch. Pictured is visual evidence, along with a picture sent my a reader from a location in the north end of town where residents are using a fence to dry their laundry. All of this is unacceptable and not the way we live here in Columbia. Our Codes Enforcement Office needs to clean this up.
If you know of locations like this or problem areas in Columbia, we will post it as we begin an attempt to clean up our town and take back our streets.

Remembering what today is all about

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Today is Memorial Day, a time to remember our veterans and those currently serving our country to keep our peace. Pictured are the flags on Locust Street.

River Run results are posted

Pretzel City Sports has posted theresultsof Saturday's 5-K River Run.

Update on Wrightsville Fire

Here is an update on yesterday's fire in Wrightsville: