Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Columbia man one of six busted

The Lancaster County Drug Task Force was busy:

Last days of summer drills

The Columbia High School football team is ending summer workouts. The first official day of fall practice is Monday, Aug. 16.

There's music on the hill

The Columbia High School marching band was busy tonight putting the first touches on their football and competition show this week on the East parking lot.

Dead end paved

This dead end piece of road, which is probably an extension of Poplar Street, was recently paved by the borough. The real question is why was a dead end paved and not one of the more problem streets in town?

A weed problem that was reported

I was alerted to this weed problem at the intersection of Front and Perry streets. The high weeds were causing some traffic problems and were reported to Code Enforcement by police. Yes that is a fire hydrant in the weeds.

Sweeping up the leftovers

The Columbia street sweeper was busy around the noon hour cleaning up some debris in the Third and Locust street area left by a truck going through the area.