Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tide falls to Red Knights


Celia Hernandez, Reading def Kelsey Ulrich, Columbia: 6-1, 6-0
Chelsey Reichelt, Readng def Jenna Geesey, Columbia: 6-4, 6-0
Clarisa Uribe, Reading def Amanie Beshara, Columbia: 6-0, 6-0
Cassandra Noray, Reading def Caitlin Walton, Columbia: 6-0, 6-1
Mariacruz Zavala, Reading def Marilyn Ngo, Columbia: 6-1, 6-2
Paula Bettran, Reading def Jennifer Marcello, Columbia: 6-0
1. Geesey/Beshara, Columbia def Stephens/Cerza, Reading 8-4
2. Ulrich/Walton, Columbia def Bucher/Stephens, Reading 9-8

Enough is enough

I've been trying to look at some of the positive things happening in our town, but after yesterday's trip through town and then just reading about what happened in Lancasteronline, enough is enough.
Let me take you back a step.
Yesterday, I was leaving my breakfast stop, heading down to the railroad to take a picture of the passenger train going through town. I was alerted about a possible fight down in the area of Fourth Street near where the Keystone Fire Company was. By the way, I loaded up and got down to the corner, the alleged fight had moved closer to Fourth and Locust street.
I watched for a little and got my phone out to dial police, but got a busy signal and watched for a new more minutes before exiting the area. When I went down  by the police station, Sgt. Tremblay was loading up to answer the call.
So, all I've heard from the proper people in town, that we have no problems. Let's see, back in May. a kid was shot and killed in town and now a police officer injured answering a call. There's a lot more going on in town that I will get into at a later date. I can't understand why the "powers to be" in our town keep insisting on there are no problems, when its obvious there are.
Now is the time, we need to take our town back. Get the "scum" out of Columbia and turn our town into something we once had and we can be proud of once again.
Yes folks, it is bad in Columbia and we can no longer tolerate the way we are being forced to live.

Police officer injured in fight

I think this is part of what I saw yesterday morning:

Final regular season game

Friday, Nov. 5
Columbia at Donegal
7:30 p.m.
Last year's result: Donegal 40, Columbia 0
Lancaster Newspaper's video preview:

The final home game

Pequea Valley at Columbia
Friday, Oct. 29
Senior Night
Last year's result: Pequea Valley 27, Columbia 12
Lancaster Newspapers' video preview

Lancaster Catholic at Columbia

Lancaster Catholic at Columbia
Friday, Oct. 22
Last year: Catholic 48, Columbia 0
Lancaster Newspapers' preview video:
Jeff Reinhart's preview of Section 3:

Columbia at Annville-Cleona

Friday, Oct. 15
Columbia at Annville-Cleona
Last year: Annville-Cleona 21, Columbia 14
Lebanon Daily News preview article:

Columbia at Northern Lebanon

Friday, Oct. 8
Columbia at Northern Lebanon
Last year: Northern Lebanon 40, Columbia 26.
Lebanon Daily News preview article:

Elxo at Columbia

Friday, Oct. 1
7 p.m.
Elco at Columbia
Last year: Elco 40, Columbia 20
Lebanon Daily News preview:

Week Four: The Bub-Bub-Bubblers

Friday, Sept. 24
At Boiling Springs
NOTE: First meeting. The Bubblers replace L-S.
Patriot News preview:

Daniel Boone at Columbia

Friday, Sept. 17
Daniel Boone at Columbia
Hall of Fame Night
NOTE: Daniel Boone is a 4-A school.
Last year's result: Daniel Boone 49, Columbia 7
Story on Boone quarterback, who played against Columbia two years ago:
Reading Eagle preview article:

Week Two: Columbia at Northeastern

Friday, Sept. 10
Columbia at Northeastern
7 p.m.
First meeting 
Turf Field (Bleachers on one side only)
Directions: From the Lancaster Area (East): Take Route 30 West to George Street. (Rt. 181 North), you will be turning right onto N. George Street from Route 30. Go through Emigsville towards Manchester. Proceed straight ahead to the 5th traffic light at the square in Manchester and make a right turn onto Maple Street (HWY 921), go one block and make a left onto High Street. Travel approximately 1/2 mile to the high school.

Susquehanna Fire Company Report

The Susquehanna Fire Company responded to 49 calls in August.

Aug. 1, 316 Harvest view North, building fire.
Aug. 1, 111 North Alley, Mount Joy, storage fire.
Aug. 2, 901 Ironville Pike, automatic alarm.
Aug. 4, 100 North Fifth St., vehicle accident.
Aug. 4, 314 Primrose Lane, automatic alarm.
Aug. 4, 200 Luther Lane, fifth floor, automatic alarm.
Aug. 5, 200 Luther Lane, Apt. 532, automatic alarm.
Aug. 5, 880 Chickies Hill Road, vehicle accident.
Aug. 5, 1 Robert Mower Dr., Marietta.
Aug. 6, Ninth and Locust streets, vehicle accident.
Aug. 7, 1029 Walnut St., vehicle fire.
Aug. 7, 671 Hempfield Hill Road, water rescue.
Aug. 7, 467 Manor St., vehicle fire.
Aug. 7, Blue Rock and River Roads, Washington Boro, water rescue.
Aug. 7, 1000 East Main St., Mount Joy, industrial fire.
Aug. 7, 2251 Oswego Dr., building fire.
Aug. 9, 100 North Sixth St., gas leak.
Aug.9, 106 South Sixth St., Apt. B, electrical fire.
Aug. 10, 200 Waterford Ave., Marietta search detail.
Aug. 11, Columbia Avenue and Prospect Road, vehicle accident.
Aug. 11, 1 Walnut St., brush fire.
Aug. 13, 1400 Water St., Washington Boro, building fire.
Aug. 14, 2146 Oak Hollow Dr., Apt. D-1, building fore.
Aug. 15, 1 Walnut St., medical assist.
Aug. 16, 1480 Lancaster Ave., vehicle accident.
Aug. 16, 1 Walnut St., water rescue.
Aug. 19, 3962 Columbia Ave., automatic alarm.
Aug. 20, River and Blue Rock Roads, Washington Boro, medical assist.
Aug. 21, 204 Post Oak Road, Lancaster, building fire.
Aug. 21, Route 441 and Plane Street, gas leak.
Aug. 22, 128 West Main St., Mountville, automatic alarm.
Aug. 22, 47 Bethel St., building fire.
Aug. 23, 237 Perry St., vehicle fire.
Aug. 23, 400 Union St., automatic alarm.
Aug. 23, Blue Rock and River Roads, Washington Boro, water rescue.
Aug. 24, Rapho Township, barn fire.
Aug. 24, 601 Manor St., building fire.
Aug. 25, 901 Ironville Pike, automatic alarm.
Aug. 25, 40 Union St., automatic alarm.
Aug. 25, 500 Chickies Hill Road, high angle rescue.
Aug. 27, 3975 Columbia Ave., automatic alarm.
Aug. 28, 3519 Marietta Ave., Silver Spring, stand by.
Aug. 28, 785 Westover Dr., automatic alarm.
Aug. 28, 3100 Marietta Ave., vehicle accident.
Aug. 29, 2944 Bossler Road, Rheems, structure fire.
Aug. 30, 400 Mill St., medical assist.
Aug. 31, 546 Walnut St., gas leak.
Aug. 31, 3079 River Road, Conestoga, stand-by.

Eastern York at Columbia preview information

Here is information from the York Dispatch:

Here is information from the York Daily Record:

Jeff Reinhart's picks: