Sunday, April 25, 2010

A comment

It has been an interesting week here on COLUMBIA TALK.

First, who would have thought comments made at a borough council meeting would create that much controversy.

But it is Columbia and we have people who reside here, who one, like to create controversy and two, don’t understand that when Columbia and its people get attacked, the wagons circle.

I have never received so many emails about something that was reportedly “not” said at a council meeting and so on, it just got to the point it was better off to remove the posts, than continue the evil that was being spread.

I do have to ask though, since I’ve been though this for the last 25 years or so that if those comments were reported by a larger media entity, would the same thing happened. In most cases, I doubt it. In this case, it most likely would have. But since it was COLUMBIA, it probably would have made front page headlines or the lead story on the six o’clock news. We’ll pick on the little guy and they will back down.

As I’ve stated previously, if you don’t want to be quoted on something you say at a borough council or school board meeting, don’t say it. If you say it, then be prepared to take the heat for your comments.

If you haven’t figured out, those who grew up here in town and those who have moved here and want to help make our town better, are Columbia’s biggest supporters. It’s those people that come here, who think they can be part of the solution, don’t get their own way, who end up causing problems.

Just remember, there are two types of people – people from Columbia and people who wish they were from Columbia.

Next, I’ll address the weekly polls that I come up with. I hope our community leaders are following the voting on these polls, particularly the ones about the market.

Since the weather has turned nicer, I am in tje market on a weekly basis.

There’s a problem there folks. It’s a great facility, bit its only half full with stand holders. Most of the entire back half of the market is empty. I know the market is going through a transition without a market manager, but something needs to be done.

Perhaps two days isn’t the answer and perhaps it will change once a new manager is approved. But word needs to get out about the facility. People in Lancaster, York and other areas need to find out about the Columbia Market. It will work if promoted right, but I am one of those people who aren’t sure the two-day market will work. Just say, if I’m going in on a Thursday to get lunch meat, baked good, fresh fruit, etc., it’s less likely I will be going back in on Friday, unless its to get something to eat.

Now let’s move on to a group that will always be near and dear to me, the Columbia Boy’s Athletic Association. I spent almost 30 years of my life involved in the organization and if you haven’t noticed, the organization recently reorganized its officers. All of the officers now are young people who went trough the organization as kids, know what the organization once was and how many teams they once had.

I wish them luck because they have a long road to go to get the interest back in the organization. The number of baseball and softball teams are at a bare minimum this year. I can remember when I played and first started as an officer, we had 19 baseball teams and eight softball teams.

But as costs rose and registration fees increased, the numbers have dropped to record low numbers.

I don’t blame those running the organization, because I was one of them. I do blame the parents for not getting their kids involved, or, getting involved themselves.

Playing sports is something good for our young people. Sure, its probably tough for mom and dad to travel, but at least get the kids out there to get involved, instead of letting them sit in the house, text and play on the computer.

The attitude needs to change and despite the hard work of the new officers, if it doesn’t, there might be a day where there is no CBAA and that would be sad because the parents aren’t making their kids get involved.

But then again, a lot of those playing not only at the CBAA level, but the high school levels, are transients, meaning they are here one day and gone the next, not exactly the way to build a program at any level.

Earlier today, there was a comment to the post make about the track program at the high school. As a former member of the track team back in the 1970s, it hurts to see how far that program that dominated the 50s, 60s and 70s has dropped.

I will say this about the current coaches on the hill, most of them have gone through the program from the bottom up and know what it takes to win. Right now, Columbia is going through a little blip on the radar screen, where the coaches are trying hard to work through it, but the athletes just aren’t responding.

It will turn around, but everyone needs to change. The kids have to listen to their coaches, fight through little nicks and bruises, get our their and make Columbia Proud. Right now, that pride isn’t there in most sports and it starts with the kids, some of whom, not all of them need an attitude adjustment, so that next fall, Columbia is the one kicking people when they are down and not getting kicked.

Let’s get back to rolling on the hill and you’ll find out how much the community supports you.

Help Laura

Received this via Facebook,so I thought I'd put it on here as well.

Columbia track competes at Penn and M-ville

Thursday and Friday, the Tide sent two relay teams to the prestigious Penn Relays in Philadelphia. The Tide’s 4 by 100 teams, placed ninth in their heat in the girls’ relay and seventh in their heat in the boys’ relay.

Friday, the Tide was one of a number of teams participating in the Millersville University High School Invitational at Beamsderfer Stadium.

Placing for the Tide boys were Derek Zercher and Tony Barton, 47th and 56th in the 1,600; Zercher, 39th and Barton, 46th in the 3,200; Brandon Felus, 18th in the discus and 22nd in the shot put and Alan Foehlinger, 46th in the 200 hurdles.

On the girls’ side, Shaday Fraizer was 40th in the 100 and 200; Audreanna Edmond was 36th in the 200; Rebecca Kuhn was 52nd in the 800; Rachel Knighton, 53rd in the 1,600 and Rachel Hall, 42nd in the 300 hurdles.