Thursday, December 15, 2011

Columbia football team honored at banquet

These were the awards that were presened at Sunday's CHS football banquet.
Triple Effort: Seth Lefever / Michael Burke IV / Ben Hank
Offensive Back of the Year: Seth Lefever / Andrew Combs
Scout Team Player of the Year: Nick Williams / Marquel Wansley
Special Teams Player of the Year: Jordon Halter
Outstanding Lineman of the Year: Dion Mathews
Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year: Bryan Flory
Outstanding Offensive Player of the Year: Michael Burke IV
2012 Tri – Captains (3) - Bryan Flory, Nick Nobile & Andrew Combs
Coaches Awards:
Will Kreiser
Quincy Mancotywa
Nick Nobile
Johnny Bosley

Catholic schools to merge

This was first announced back in November:

Local project part of grant