Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update on youth football incident

Here is an update on the York incident where a gun was pulled at a youth football game: http://www.ydr.com/premium/ci_15939670

2010 Crimson Tide football roster

Seniors                            Number               Position
Marcus Fischer                 54                         OL-LB
Byron Germer                   51                         OL-LB
Ronald W. Gilbert             18                         WR-DB
John Markley IV               81                         WR-DB
Felix Mendez                    24                      QB-WR-DB
Casey Rapp                     65                          C-DL
Kevin Simms                    50                          OL-DE
Dominic Trout                  40                           FB-DE
Johnny Vasquez               8                             FB-OLB
Cain Warfel                     55                           OL-LB
David “DJ” Wells            7                              RB-DB
Michael Burke IV            4                              WR-OLB
Jeremy Daise                   20                             RB-DB
Zachary Donnan              69                              OL-DL
Joshua Elliot                    84                           WR-OLB
Kristofer Evans               68                             OL-DL
Benjamin Hank              62                               OL-DE
Tyler Harrison                10                               QB-S
Seth Lefever                  12                             WR-OLB
Dion Matthews              56                                 OL-LB
Victor Rivera                 82                             WR-OLB
Julius Brock Taylor        21                                   RB-DB
John Bosley                   71                                  OL-DL
Andrew Combs             28                                   RB-DB
Tyler Dietz                    66                                   OL-DL
Bryan Flory                  32                               TE-OLB
Alec Hooper                 80                               WR-DB
Will Kreiser                  85                                WR-OLB
Quincy Mancotywa       60                                    OL-DL
Adam Mowrer              79                                    OL-DL
Christopher Murray        9                              WR-DB                     
Nicholas Nobile             2                                 WR-DB
Trevor Powers              77                                OL-DL
Nick Williams              11                                   WR-S

Head Coach: Michael R. Burke III
Assistant Coaches: Mike Burke II, Danny Seasock, Tom Burke, Justin Steiner, Ryan Strickler and Darren Schultz
Head Junior High Coach: James Burke
Assistant Jr. High Coaches: John Moody, Sebastian LeFever
Equipment Manager: John “Tink” Lutz
Assistant Manager: Ed Colin
Video Team: Oz Mathiot
Statistician: Barry Ford

A new beginning

There's no one doubting the fact that the 2009 football season at Columbia High School was the worst ever.
Take away games against Pequea Valley, Annville-Cleona and the first half of the Eastern game, the Crimson Tide never had a chance.
They were outscored 375-111 last season and gave up 40 or more points in seven of its 10 games. Sixty-six of their 11 points were scored in three games and they were shutout in two of their last three games.
Add to that, the Tide lost for the first tie ever to Pequea Valley, the second time ever to Eastern and the first time in a decade or longer to Donegal and one can easily see why it was a disaster.
But as I watched the Crimson Tide practice and scrimmage over the two plus weeks, I see a lot of things I like. Practices are very organized and for the most part crisp and there is a lot of work being done on the little things. It's my belief and others that you can't do the big things without being able to do the little things.
The Tide has hit two other teams so far -- York Suburban and Hanover in scrimmages. They done well and seem to be on track to make last season a distant memory.
There's a new coaching staff and all of them have been hard workers during their high school careers and in previous coaching duties on the hill.
For the most part, the team has taken to an entire new system, but at times lapses into its former mode of "hey we didn't win a game" last year, but are quickly turned around.
The off-season has been filled with football and more football and one thing that will help this team believe in itself will be a win Friday against cross-river rival Eastern. That will go a long step toward turning around the attitude and doubters.
Here's an invitation to everyone in Columbia to make the trek up the hill Friday night, partake in the pre-game tailgate (5:30 p.m.) and venture down the driveway for what I think will be a great night of football.
Roll Tide!