Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An idea

When I was down South, there were two things I noticed when I entered a town. There was a sign welcoming people and the town's water towers, such as the one at Third and Linden streets had letters welcoming it to a town. Just thought it would be a nice way to spruce up the town a little.

Weeds, weeds and more weeds

Even with four Code Enforcement Officials, work is going to be slow. Perhaps before making residents and property owners take care of their properties, the borough needs to get its house in order, by trimming its own weeds in the "parking lot" next to the forer Market Annex.
In the above photo, the sidewalk out in the East end of town is blocked by weeds.

Road work in town

Borough highway department workers were busy today making repairs and paving an area in the 500 block of Poplar Street.

Changes on Lancaster Avenue

There are some changes expected for the 1100 block of Lancaster Avenue. The Cycle Den is expanding and Snyder's Market next to the Cycle Den will be moving to a vacant lot across the street.

Some movement at the THE

Here are some pictures taken this morning at the Turkey Hill Experience site at Third and Linden streets. Part of the standing building has been changed and there are avery people working on the site.

A town meeting?

Someone suggested in the comment portion last week or earlier this week about the possibility of holding a town meeting and asked me to possibly organize it.
After some thought, I am game to the idea.
I am thinking of Monday or Turesday, Aug. 2 or 3, at 6 of 6:30 p.m. at Glatfelter Field.
The thought behind the concept of the meeting is to discuss ideas of how to improve Columbia and not turn it into a "bitch" session. I'd like to see some positive discussion and ideas.
If you are interested pick a night and let's run with it and see what develops.

Route 30 truck fire

There was a truck fire this morning on Route 30.