Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wrightsville considers fire tax

This from the York Dispatch:

A heartfelt thank you

Wow, what I day Tuesday was. It was something I never experienced before or did.
It was also very overwhelming and humble and a very big thank you to the voters of Columbia for electing me to a four-year term on Columbia Borough Council.
When I got into this earlier this year, I didn't know what to expect, really what to do. I love Columbia, never really looked to go anywhere else and don't really want too.
As I said throughout this, I am here for all 10,300 residents of our great borough and feel free to call me or talk to me or e-mail at anytime with your questions or concerns and I will try to get an answer or tell you my thoughts.
I would also ask patience as we move forward and I work with others to improve our town. It won't happen overnight, but I will work 24/7 to make this happen, that I will promise you.
I never thought I would ever get a position to serve Columbia again and I am looking forward to a new challenge in my life. I know our town, know what needs to be done and what from talking with different folks, what they would like to see, and with cooperation of everyone, we can get it done.
I thought I'd retire writing for the newspaper here in town and when the Columbia Ledger closed more than two years ago, the challenge of serving our town was gone, but now its back and I will do my best.
Yes, I will continue this endeavor with Columbia Talk and hold live chats and get you the information you need to know. This will be a huge asset of getting the word out to Columbia as we don't get the coverage we deserve.
Thanks Columbia, I am very humbled and ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.