Saturday, October 16, 2010

For this amount....

I thought at one time or they still are, the Columbia School District is working with the Market Street Sports Group:

Pay to Play

Seems to be a growing trend across the state:

Other views of last night's game

New Era/Intell:

Lebanon Daily News:

Thank you from the owners of the Daily Grind

On  Oct. 14, Don and I celebrated our last day as owners of The Daily Grind Coffee Shop. This was a sad yet memorable occasion for us, and we are finding it difficult to put into words what our family at “The Grind” means to us.

We are fully aware that our accomplishments were not simply attributable to long hours and great product. We grew and prospered only because we found some great friends likeyou who gave us loyal support along the way.

So this is a thank-you note—for being our family, for putting up with occasional errors due to “growing pains,” and just for helping to put The Daily Grind on the map.

We are very pleased with the success that we have had. Four years ago we had a dream, as scary as that may have been we went for it. We smiled as we stood around and looked on this, our last day and realized we accomplished so much more than we set out for.

The help we received along the way was overwhelming. We recognize that without the support from local area organizations, businesses and our daily patrons we would not have come so far. It truly is encouraging to know that the people of Columbia can stand together to promote our community.

With that, we would like to invite you all to join us in expressing our well wishes for the new owners of The Daily Grind, Cole Knighton. We are extremely pleased that this local family has decided to continue the tradition of The Grind and it is our hope that they find the family of happiness that we found along the way.

Sincerely yours,
Don & Mandy Gallagher