Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday's talking points

Just a few observations from this week in our town:
* Yesterday and today, were the first two days of extended hours (till 7 on Thursday and 6 on Friday) at the COLUMBIA MARKET HOUSE. Was told it wasn't real busy last night wth the extra hours. That one might take some time.
* Speaking of the MARKET, there will be two people interviewed by borough tomorrow for the position of market manager. Here are some ideas -- look to cut back to one day; get some weekend events in there; stop the politics; get more stand holders and make an effort to get one longtime stand holder back, who left today. And also, don't require the stand holders to be there both days. Might be surprised you could get more stands.
* More advice for dowtown and one for the market -- kick out the "Freddy the Freeloaders," who are taking up table space and not buying anything. They give our town a great image and the same goes for those downtown and the borough itself, who allow the FTF's" to "reside" on their property. Really looks great, especially when I'm told two of the FTF's were sitting on a local stoop and drinking alcoholic beverages.
I know of at least one down establishment that won't allow the FTF's to sit outside unless they buy something and the FTF's are upset by it. Give me a break!
* Saw yesterday and today, one in town on the main drag and another in the east end where roofs were being put on buildings without visible or any building permits.
* And finally, is it 30 days or three months, that when people move to a new state that they have to change their vehicle registration over to Pennsylvania. I know of three vehicles of out of state license plates, who have been residents of our town and state for more than three months. One is Delaware, one is Mayland and other is Kentucky.

Weekend event reminder

There are a number of weekend events in Columbia...

* Through tomorrow, the Holy Trinity Festival will be held in the 400 block of Cherry Street.
* Tomorrow and Sunday, there will be a Native American Pow-Wow at the Columbia Consolidated Fire Departent, 10th and Mifflin streets.
* Tomorrow, across from Glatfelter Field, the Columbia wrestling team will hold a chicken bar-be-cue.
* Sunday from 1-4 p.m., at Golden Stories, formerly A Taste of Styles, there will be a retirement party for longtime CHS teacher Jean Phiel. It's a drop-in, open to former and current students and others.

Don't forget, Monday there is a borough council meeting at 7 p.m.
Next week, the Cruisin Columbia Car Show will be held, along with the SVCC's Cupcake Contest. For more information, call 684-5249.

Smith's wins slugfest

There were 29 runs scored in one Susquehanna League game last night as Columbia outscored East Prospect, 18-11.

RIP John Murphy

The borough of Columbia said good bye yesterday to John Murphy Sr., longtime chief of the Columbia Fire Police, who was also the borough's first EMT. A long funeral procession made its way through Columbia yesterday, ending at St. Peter's Cemetery on Klinesville Road. Murphy died Sunday after a brief illness.

Fire update

A State Police fire marshall is investigating the cause of a fire in a vacant house at 116 North Sixth St., yesterday afternoon at 4:17 p.m.
Firemen all three Columbia fire departments, along with firefighters from Wrightsville and East Donegal-Maytown battled the blaze, which was brought quickly uner control at 4:36 p.m. When firemen arrived, there was a well involved kitchen fire that extended into the dining roomn area.
The good news is that the fire was contained to the original building and did not spread to three adjoining structures.

Remember the day....

The kids are out of school and back in the day, it met spending the mornings at the local playgrounds such as Manor Street, Janson's, Makle and Rotary. Going home for lunch and either going back in the afternoon or heading to the pool. Those were the days! Pictured is the old backstop at Rotary Park.

Friday's Is This What We Want?

This is at Fifth and Union streets -- door looks like it had an axe or something taken to it and towels are hanging out windows.

Rap's World done "rappin"

As of 2 p.m. this afternoon, Rap's World rang the bell for the last time at the Columbia Market House. One of the original stand holders from when the market first reopened five years ago, Tim Btown and his family are leaving the market because of the politics. Apparently since January, six stands have left the market.