Thursday, January 12, 2012

Market now opens five days

In addition to its regular hours on Thursday and Friday, the Columbia Market House is also open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
There are three stands, who are now open five days a week.

New AEDS purchased

Since 1997 the Columbia Borough Police Department has used the AED to help those citizens experiencing a heart attack. The department has successfully used the AED in at least seven instances, thereby allowing the patients to resume a normal life. In 2001 Chief Brommer, Officer Dan Bell and Sgt. William Meyers saved the life of Columbia resident ,Monte Cooper, by using the AED. According to his daughter, Monte Ann Finegan, “My father was able to enjoy seven more years of the highest quality of life without residual health issues.” Due to the inability to replace the batteries or change the computer protocols, the current AED devices are in need of replacement. Each AED device costs $1,000.00 to replace and there are additional expenses such as the pads used to attach the device to the patient. Chief Jack Brommer initiated an AED Fund Drive in the hopes that the community would assist in acquiring new devices. The department is in need of at least 7 AED devices to be placed in each Police vehicle and 1 stationary device to be placed in the Borough Hall. To allow for the cost of 8 new AED units, pads and other materials, a goal of $10,000 has been set to outfit the department.
Anyone wishing to assist in this worthwhile endeavor may contact Chief Brommer at 717/684-7735.
We are grateful to the following businesses/organizations for their donations:
St. James Lutheran Church, 635 South 10th St. Columbia, PA
St. James Lutheran Women’s Club, 635 South 10th St. Columbia, PA
Colonial Metals Co., 217 Linden St. Columbia, PA
Frank Sahd Salvage Center, Inc., 1045 Lancaster Ave. Columbia, PA
Jay H. Lutz & Co., Inc., 20 South Fourth St. Columbia, PA
Clyde W. Kraft Funeral Home, 519 Walnut St. Columbia, PA
ELKS, 445 Chestnut St. Columbia, PA
Mr. Joe’s Steak House, 4th and Perry Streets Columbia, PA
Sunsnappers, P.O. Box 744 Columbia, PA
A&L Doors and Specialties Inc., 336-346 Poplar St. Columbia, PA
Dean Littles Distributor, 1224 Lancaster Ave. Columbia, PA
Columbia Lion’s Club, P.O. Box 569 Columbia, PA
Columbia Catholic War Veterans, P.O. Box 37 Columbia, PA
A Golden Stories, 237 Locust St. Columbia, PA
Sager, Swisher and Company, 619 W. Chestnut St. Lancaster, PA
Dr. Vincent Heaps, 543 Locust St. Columbia, PA
Susquehanna Bank, 325 Locust St. Columbia, PA
Smith’s Hotel, 1030 Lancaster Ave. Columbia, PA
Hinkle’s Pharmacy, 261 Locust St. Columbia, PA
Foresters of America, P.O. Box 87 Columbia, PA
B&T Sportswear, 240 Locust St. Columbia, PA
Columbia Water Company, 220 Locust St. Columbia, PA