Sunday, March 27, 2011

Benefit dance

The Columbia High School baseball and softball teams will hold a benefit dance featuring Maxwell on Friday, April 22, starting a 8 p.m., at the Susquehanna Fire Company.
The cost of the tickets are $25 each.

Little Chicago here in Columbia

See attached pictures please, I will also print them and put them in the drop box at borough office attention code enforcements. This reminds me of the ghetto in Chicago. The out of town landlord WINS, I said I would not move because of his low life tenants , but with the little help I get from code enforcement and the lack of codes that protect clean proud homeowners of this town my house is FOR SALE, if you drive out to visit this site at the rear of 732 Plane street you will see the FOR SALE sign at my house 734 Plane street. I lived here all my life and finally had enough, apparently others have too. The Lancaster News had an article just the other day 91 less people compared to last years census for Columbia Borough. My wife and I have spent the past few weeks looking at homes in Wrightsville and Mountville. As we look at COMPARABLE homes to what we have what a difference! I challenge code enforcement to take me to Mountville and show me this style of life that has invaded this 700 block of Plane street for the past several years, it hasn’t always been this bad, but it has been steadily increasing, because of the economy Jim Leonard can’t get good tenants and the tenants and Jim Leonard know what they can and can’t get away with. These tenants just move in this past December and the cops have been here 3 times because of them. They were able to issue a fine to a visiting individual of the rear apartment and a disruptive conduct warning. I do thank the police department, they did what was expected of them in a professional manner. I personally thanked officer Jacobs after the hearing I attended 3/7/2011. If we could only get code enforcement to do something or someone needs to revise some codes or create new ones. My guess is that there is something codes can do about this EYESORE. I spoke with code enforcement officer George Wise he pretty much doesn't like writing fines from what I gather from our conversation. He would just rather send letters to the property owners and hope the issue goes away. He told me I may have to go to court to testify, told him no problem done it numerous time for the police department.

By the way the green trash cans are STILL sitting out in the alley ( Furnace Ave ) that runs parallel with Plane street you can see both of them in the corner of the picture 2 that is attached. I have questioned the trash cans for months now. There is an ordinance, but it isn’t being enforced, it’s written on my sewer bill from time to time, George Wise said he NEVER issued a fine for this violation. The town could use the money now is his chance. The parking meter officer is writing fines, perhaps we can promote him to code enforcement. Again he is doing his job ( meter officer) even though I hear complaints and he even got me once at the post office he is doing his job. While talking parking how come no ordinance has ever been made for these multi-unit apartments that are GRANDFATHERED from the current parking ordinance. 732 Plane has 4 units and currently there are two units with two vehicles and one unit with one vehicle. that is five cars that want to be as close to there front door as I do. They should create a ordinance that will control parking where these multi- units that were GRANDFATHERED exist. How about no more then one car per a unit or no more then 4 cars per four unit. That’s enough for now. You proved you can’t help me long term, so help me short term and fix the EYESORE out back so when the relator shows my house to a perspective buyer they are not scared out of Columbia like others have.
PS, This is not anything against you Leo. I have the upmost respect for you. You have always been more then fare in the past you even personally visited with me at my residence to resolve issues. I know you have a lot on your plate and I do see improvement in Columbia, but as for some of the descent caring homeowners there is little assistance from code enforcement and not enough updated ordinances. If anybody would like to speak with me please respond I have been keeping a log with some pictures on the issues mentioned and more.
Sorry complaining, but enough is enough.
Jerry Nissley
734 Plane Street

Two from Columbia caught in Last Call

Two from Columbia were picked up yesterday:

Two stories on Saturday's fire

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