Monday, May 9, 2011

Police warn residents to lock cars

The Columbia Police Department is asking all residents to lock their car doors and remove all valuables following a recent rash of car break-ins throughout the borough.

Tonight, Mayor Leo Lutz said within the past week, someone has been going around town “popping locks” on vehicles and taking items from these vehicles. Those items include change, phones, IPods and GPS systems.

“We found books that were taken from school bags, but the bags themselves were missing,” Lutz said.

Lutz said in at least two cases, the school books were found along the road.

“The break-ins are happening in different areas within blocks of major roadways,” the mayor said at Monday's council meeting.

The mayor said residents need to report any break-ins.

“We are developing times and patterns and if you see suspicious people in your neighborhood, call,” Lutz said.

The police department's number is 684-7735.

Guilty plea in traffic death


Truck crash on Route 30

A truck ws involved in an accident on Route 30: