Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let's move on and think to the future

As I said Monday night and have said all week, I am fine with not being appointed to serve on Columbia Borough Council. I am tired of being asked about it and although I haven't talked with her since Monday night, I am sure Carmen Swinehart is fine with it as well.
Sure, I don't like how things turned out and despite some comments and suggestions made to me about pursuing a Sunshine Law violation or even an ethics' violation, I am not. Why drag Columbia through the mud because we tend to sling enough mud ourselves.
Yes, I plan to run for a four-year term next year and I would have hoped that by gaining the appointment would have gotten some experience in what to do and what not to do. I didn't, so I am moving on and asking residents to do the same as well. I will still be following the council and its endeavors over the next 14 months.
I urge the citizens as well to keep a close eye on what is going on. I trust that Jim Smith has an agenda for all 10,000 plus residents in our town and not a certain few. If he doesn't have an agenda for all 10,000 people, then he will fall into the trap of some people serving.
Yes, change is coming to Columbia and I hope that next February and March when people make a decision to run for office they do it for the right reason -- the 10,000 people of Columbia, not a certain group or some individuals.
Thanks for the support I've gotten over the last month, it was appreciated. I hope to be able to serve you in the future.

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