Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I know this may not sit well

When I first started COLUMBIA TALK back in February, I did so because I saw a need since our town, which was left without a newspaper for the first time in well more than a century.
Although some make think otherwise, and that is their right, I didn't do it for personal gain or satisfaction, I did it for the town of Columbia. I am getting no financial gain out of it and have enjoyed trying to help Columbia as well.
I've tried to tolerate the comments as much as possible and probably deleted more than I've posted. And, I've put my name to the comments. I tried to change it a few weeks ago, asking people to sign their names. It worked but it didn't. So, I've decided to change back to all posts being signed, something like a Letter to the Editor. There will be a limited on the number of words as well -- under 75.
Yes, last week, I did delete comments on Mayor Lutz' letter because I was posting something myself and by my own lack of computer technology posted on that comment portion. So since it really had nothing to do with the post and really that wasn't needed, I had to remove the entire post with the comments. It was much easier for me to just repost the mayor's letter, minus the comments and picture.
I've decided to take a new approach as I look to improve this website and may even try to make it into an on-line newspaper and take a different approach and it starts with the comment portion. If you believe in what you are saying, which I do, post your name.
There are some good things going on in town and along with that, a few things that make you shake your head. I urge residents to continue attending meetings, ask questions and become involved in this great town of Columbia. As much as I would like to tell the "Negative Nellie's" in town that if they don't like living here, hit the road, I'll reserve comment on that.
Yes, things have got to change and if we all work together, it will happen. If not, we'll remain a fractured town. I don't want that and I hope neither do you.
And yes, I will continue to work for a better Columbia too.

Softball champions

The Columbia girls' softball team won the 2010 Garrett Field Summer League on Friday, Aug 13. They beat Lancaster 1-0 in the championship game. Jenai Plowden tripled in the bottom of the sixth inning to score Brittany Germer for the game's only run. Emily Detz pitched the shutout for the Tide. The Tide went 4-0 in the playoffs to win the summer league. Detz pitched three shutouts and gave up only two runs in 27 innings of work. Back Row Left to Right: Coach Ben May, Coach Matt Phillips. Middle Row: Vallesa Corolla, Jenna Plastino, Alex Slick, Brittany Germer, Kelsey Habestroh, Jenai Plowden, Ashlyn Phillips. Front Row: Emily Hooper, Emily Detz, Emily Groft, Kayla Lambert. Missing from photo: Megan Seibert, Mercedes Rentas, Alexis Eckman.